It's August and that can only mean one thing in Grenada!


How does one explain the traditions of Caribbean Carnival, the events, the music, the Jab Jab? This was our second Carnival in Grenada and I'll have to say that the bash did not disappoint these curious, traveling party animals. Grenada is one of the most friendliest, inviting islands in the Caribbean and they certainly know how to throw a party. An exercise in endurance, for sure, but the bold colors of the costumes, ear throbbing sounds of pounding soca music and smell of barbeque chicken rising from the stalls of local vendors all set the stage for a hullabaloo of a great time.

Even Kick 'em Jenny tried to get into the Carnival action just a few weeks ago and excite things up a bit. She settled down, though, even though she's still at Orange Alert Level. She's a volcano and will do what she wants when she wants, but she didn't disturb the festivities of Grenada's Carnival.

We joined many of our other friends who travel by vessel and woke early Monday morning to get covered in paint, chocolate and oil as the Jab Jabs set out to shock polite folk.Monday Night Mas had the city of St. George's lit up so beautifully with the bright costumes as the Masqueraders danced behind the trucks blaring the Soca Carnival music. The grand finale was the Pretty Parade with all the elaborate, feathered and sequined costumes.

Our friends over at Uncommon Caribbean describe the scene well:

"It’s dirty, often drunken, grimy, hot, sweaty, and sexy. It’s j’ouvert, the wildest good time you can ever have to start the day anywhere in the world!"

An incredible experience after all the boat maintenance jobs and installation of the new inner fore stay.  s/v Somewhere is looking good, we're rested from the Carnival cavorting, and looking forward to a dinghy concert, more diving, a bit more boat work (always) before we move beyond Grenada. We have some undone business with a dive shop in Carriacou and Taboago Cays is calling our name.

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    Lisa (Thursday, 13 August 2015 18:20)

    Who wouldn't love a "hullabaloo of a great time" ? Looks like you had a blast! Love the pics and your reporting. Carry on!