February was such a busy time for us, I neglected my updates here on the blog. Sorry about that and also sorry for having to password protect the whole site. I don't want to go into the entire mixed up/whackadoodle story, so suffice it to say that it's a crazy world out there and I'd like to keep the crazies and their drama off my little corner of the internet universe.

We've been spending a whole lot of time on the US Virgin Island of St. John which we first discovered when my son, Trevor came to visit us. We split his vacation between the islands of St. Thomas and St. John whilst sailing, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, exploring both islands, shopping and just generally enjoying his company. I talk a lot about my sons (What proud mom doesn't?) so it was nice to be able to introduce one of them to our dear friends.

It's extremely easy to pick up guests from St. Thomas and an easy trek to the airport when a trip home is in order. I flew out with Trevor and we split up at the Miami Airport. He went back to Chicago and I flew into St. Louis. I had the pleasure of meeting the newest member of our family, Raleigh Keith! I had a great time with my son Brandon, big brother Brody and Aimee. It was frightfully cold, but the love of family and the excitement of a healthy bundle of joy warmed my heart.

Some time in snowy Colorado was in order. Again, I froze my keister, but I had a blast with my granddaughter, Amelia, roller skating and playing in the snow. Thankfully, Maggie and John had winter garments for me to borrow to take the chill out of making snow angels. The time back to the States was too short, but it's so emotionally difficult wanting to be in two places at one time. It's 2015, somebody needs to start working on that gadget from Star Trek that can transport a human in moments. Seriously, get on that, somebody.

March brought friends from home and we chased around with them through the British Virgin Islands-Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke, specifically. We dove with the first class outfit Sunchaser Scuba on a wreck where we saw more barracuda assembled in one place than what I felt was necessary. A night dive that Ben from Sunchaser Scuba led us on was absolutely magical, but it was nice to get back in the water and dive on our own off of Norman Island as well. We said good bye to our friends on s/v Rocking B and wished them fair winds as they make their voyage back to the east coast. Life has been grand and I truly feel blessed that I have been able to spend time with friends, both old and new, and my sons and my grandchildren as well as celebrate Jim's birthday in the warmth of the Caribbean Sun. That transporter thing from Star Trek would be super handy to have, though. Just saying (again).

While on the subject of technological devices:  See this thing? Know what it is? Don't be ashamed if you don't because I easily could have lived out my days perfectly content not knowing about the inner workings of a generator. However, if you're pre-planning my birthday, Christmas or Mother's Day gift, this is just the thing that will make me giddy. Our generator eats these damn impellers. It's a minor disaster that ruins an entire day when those stupid rubber flanges break off in a mutilated mess. Finding replacements here in the Caribbean range in the area of $60.00, whereas in the States they are around $30.00. We love our generator, but standing on our heads to replace the mangled impellers is a giant pain in the rear and paying stupid ridiculous prices for a piece of rubber makes us grumpy.

Jim, the Cat Crew, the vessel are all doing well. We've had time to visit with Bill and Linda of Salty Dawg fame on Tortola. We're now back on St. John and loving the peacefulness of Salt Pond. Our next stop will be St. Croix to pick up a delivery of those loopy impellers to feed our hungry generator if she decides to gnash and gnaw on the last one we replaced. She surely will. Until, next time...

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