I know, I know…finally updating on the second to the last day of January. I guess it's not too late to say Happy New Year. My excuse: We were very busy diving and working toward our Master Scuba Diver certification in Bonaire that there wasn't enough time to update the blog. Honestly, I was exhausted even if there had been time. We achieved our goal after successfully completing all the course work and physically proving we could rescue a diver in trouble (not as easy to do as it is to type), identify reef fish, dive really deep (130 feet), provide emergency oxygen, do CPR, maintain buoyancy in all sorts of crazy conditions, and other crazy things. It was fun, challenging and we miss the diving in Bonaire.


Bonaire allows people like us to stay 90 days and we were coming up on that deadline. They also require us to be gone six months before returning. We do plan to return. The diving was just too incredible not to go back.

We said our goodbyes to the friends that we had made: Luis at Diver's Diner, (Stop in there and say hello to Luis and his brother, Luis if you find yourself in Bonaire. The food is fantastic!), the crew at Dive Friends, and our friends onboard s/v Nautilus and s/v Cheers. In the early morning, before the sun could light our way, we slipped the lines off the mooring ball and set a course for Culebra, Puerto RIco.


We didn't see a single vessel on our 57 hour trip. There's probably a reason for that. It's not the most pleasant route a recreational vessel would want to take. Despite some uncomfortable sea states though, we made good time and sailed most of the voyage. It wasn't until we had mainland Puerto Rico in sight that we lost the wind. It seemed like forever as we begged the sun to not set as we made our way into Ensenada Honda to set anchor and see our friends Margaret and Ken onboard s/v Rocking B. What a special visit with old friends! They had a hot meal prepared for us after a vexing passage after leading us to a good spot to anchor in their dinghy. They also showed us around Culebra and pointed out Zaco Taco where we ended up having a delicious meal. 



We found Culebra to be very relaxing, peaceful and a bit quirky. It's a lovely place to go to slow down, de-stress and put your feet up. The beaches are lovely and the people are pleasant. Jim took the ferry to mainland PR for $2.25 to visit West Marine and the big box stores he hasn't seen in months. He came back a little shell shocked. I stayed back and watched the boat and the cat crew and I chilled while he dodged traffic and experienced big city hoopla.

We've now set our anchor in the bay of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas aka Cruise Ship Central. We're situated nicely to pick up our next visitor, my son, from the airport. We're looking forward to his arrival so that we can seek out the quiet anchorages of St. John's. I'll be returning to the States with him and taking a trip to visit a special new arrival. Just one month ago, sweet Raleigh came into this world and I can't wait to meet him and squeeze the dickens out of his big brother. A second leg to Colorado to get some granddaughter loving is planned, then I'll be returning back to s/v Somewhere and get back to sailing, diving and enjoying the sun.

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