Where Does The Time Go?

June 1st, my goodness. According to our insurance provider it's the dreaded Hurricane Season. We've been moving ourselves south to adhere to their requirements, but we reluctantly left our beloved anchorage in St. Croix to do so. I haven't updated this blog since we left Bonaire and set our anchor in St. Croix. I'll admit, I was distracted by other projects, people and activities. I have oodles of stories to tell and experiences to relate, but I'll try to keep it short and to the point and tell our story with pictures. I've taken zillions above water and below.

Our sail from Bonaire to St. Croix was uneventful except for a problem with our mainsail and arriving to Fredriksted in the dark. Some of the distractions that kept me from updating this here blog are featured in the above pictures. We had guests from home to entertain (we had a blast Tim and Brian), fish to see underwater, hikes to take, people to meet and see. We also have taken up a new sport thanks to Freedom City Surf. We're now the proud owners of stand up paddleboards and when the wind allows it, we've been doing a lot of SUPing!


I spent a week on my own in St. Croix while Jim went back to the States to see friends and family and to shiver. It actually snowed on the man. With nary a glitch (the watermaker hick-upped due to no fault of mine), Jim had a great time visiting and I had a confidence building week taking care of the boat on my own. Although the anchorage at Fredriksted is very quiet, we had the company of s/v Avatar. Our mates, Fiona, Kiernan and Mark, kept me company while Jim was gone and when he returned we did a lot of diving together. Kiernan became our SUP instructor.


It was hard for us to leave St. Croix, but that pesky June 1st date was looming. We love it so much there and there never seems to be enough time to do all the things we want to do.  But leave we must. The sail from St. Croix to St. Lucia wasn't a lot of fun. The seas were sloppy and St. Lucia wasn't our intended destination. The wind, sea state and current had us change our island of choice further south. We went with it and headed for St. Lucia.






We met up with our good friends, Karen and Brad on s/v Lyric (formerly known as s/v Perseverance) and enjoyed catching up with them and their adventures since we had last seen them in Grenada. What books they've read, podcasts they've listened to, their families, insights into the political climate back home....the conversations and laughs we share are always memorable. We've also caught back up with our traveling buddies, Ric and Diane, on s/v Endorfin II. It's so much fun to share a night of jazz and good food and chats with our friends. I remember the first time we said goodbye to Ric and Diane and I cried thinking that we would never see each other again. That's the funny thing about this cruising life: We run into each other again and it's just like old times!


St. Lucia had us hiking up to visit Fort Rodney, paddle boarding to the beach and eating really, really well. Gregory, the produce man, brought his produce boat up to us every morning. We also did some shopping and eating at our favorite tapas restaurant. I even found my favorite hair stylist in the Caribbean. Visiting Izzy's Salon is worth a trip to St. Lucia. There are plenty of other reasons, of course. The island is beautiful.


So, after staying in St. Lucia for over two weeks, we decided to jump over to Bequia. Bequia is an island that is part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We had a jaunty sail and arrived to the crowded anchorage in time to check into Customs and Immigration before overtime fees set in. We're here with Endorfin and waiting for Lyric to arrive enjoying the fresh croissants and baguette that was delivered to us by the The Bread Man this morning. Life is good and by the way, we have great internet!