An Anniversary, A Birthday & The Seven Year Itch

June: The Anniversary of our Departure From The Great Lakes!

Tempus Fugit! It's remarkably mind blowing to consider how many islands, how many months, how many beautiful sunsets, and how many people we've met along this two year journey. We're nowhere near done, but we've done a lot of reminiscing to commemorate the two year mark. Sometimes, we need to consult with a map in order to remember each island. Even though we've found each island to be unique, at times our recollections are blurred. We'll have to correct each other from time to time. The conversation can go like this: Jim: "We saw the shark when we were diving in St. Croix."  Sharon: "Nope, that was Norman Island." Then there's the confusion around which island in the Grenadines where we ate the delicious roti. Our memories can be foggy when it comes to actual events, but they're clear as a bell when we recall how amazing it all has been

We spent our two year anniversary on the island of St. Lucia where we took advantage of the shops built for cruise ship people. Our time there was spent dinning and shopping instead of exploring the interior of the island or investigating the dive sites. We were distracted by the shiny objects, as they say. Eh, St. Lucia will be there on the next trek through.


Tyrell Bay in Carriacou is huge. We checked in with Grenadian Customs and Immigration (Carriacou is part of Grenada) and also with our friends Diane and Richard at Lumba Dive .  We weren't in love with Carriacou on our first visit last year, but this year we arrived with a different mindset. It's a quiet island with very friendly people and more to do than we discovered on our initial pass through.

As part of my early birthday present, Jim bought me my own spear (actually it's called an Hawaiian sling) and we became officially certified with PADI as Lionfish Trackers. We participated in a month of Friday Lionfish hunts with Richard and Diane at Lumba Dive doing our part for the reef in removing the invasive species. I must admit, we've both become pretty good hunters despite our lack of experience and disinclination for bloodshed. We had some great times with Richard and Diane including a lionfish BBQ at their house.  We're also in the midst of a Marine Biology Certification with Richard and we plan to return to Carriacou once we finish our boat maintenance here on the island of Grenada.

Grenada: A Birthday Celebration and Major Maintenance Week

Our floating home is not floating right now because it's Major Maintenance Week. It's that time of year where we have the bottom painted, wax the hull, and have the sails taken in for a check up. When it comes to boats nothing is simple. Our refrigerator decided to stop working a few days before we were scheduled for haul out. To complicate matters, the head sail decided to jam when we tried removing it. The jib halyard snapped when we attempted to force it down. Before your eyes glaze over in boat body part boredom, suffice it to say that this has not been an easy fix. The swivel jammed on the forestay, the mechanism holding the electronics that aid in the electronic furling has been removed for repair....uggg, it's neverending. But we're in the right spot. Turbulence and Spice Island Marine have been working with us to get all our problems fixed. It's hard, though, living on the hard. The cats aren't happy. They can't have their twice daily dose of air conditioning and we have to limit their outdoor time. It would be too easy for them to jump ship. There are too many temptations for them on land and a whole lot of feral cats in the boat yard who want to socialize (or beat up) these spoiled felines.

The Seven Year Itch: I had to remind s/v Somewhere that Jim and I have a tendency to replace boats every seven years. s/v Second Whim, a Morgan 38, was our baby for seven years until s/v Orient Express, a 42 ft Hylas, caught our eye with her spaciousness and racing pedigree. Even though we had just had the hull painted and replaced the sails on the Orient and had sailed her for seven years, s/v Somewhere caught our wandering eye. Although we promised s/v Somewhere that she would be the last vessel we ever owned and we'd never glance at another, if she doesn't start getting her poop in a group I'll have to remind her that we've had her seven years. (just teasing, but don't tell her that)

But it hasn't been all hard work, maintenance difficulties and studying for diving certifications. My birthday was a blast. Jim agreed to go on a hash with me. We met this feller on one of the more delicate trails. After a muddy, wet, and invigorating hike we returned to Port Louis Marina and enjoyed dinner with our friends on board s/v Perseverance and s/v Star Charger. Honestly, I've been milking this birthday thing for a few weeks (no pun intended, the bovine pictured isn't milkable). We've been having a grand time with our friends on s/v Amarula, s/v Endless Pleasure and the aforementioned s/v Perseverance and s/v Star Charger. We moved over to Prickly Bay to see our good buddies on s/v Endorfin II and prepare for haul out. It's been great seeing everyone and we all plan on getting back together for Grenada's Carnival

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