Summer 2012

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AHHHHHH!  It's here!  It's finally time to get started on a new website.  As my collegues of the past are saying good bye to McKinley Middle School today, I'm launching our new website and getting started on turning the page and starting on new adventures.


Decisions are sometimes made for us.  I closed the classroom door for the final time on Friday and shed a few tears and lots more laughs over drinks on Saturday with the friends that I have made through my time at McKinley. But so it goes; things change, schools close their doors and we move on. This time it's forever as the higher powers have decided to permanently shut the doors. I will forever miss being a teacher, but I swear I will not allow the closing of the school to put an end to the dear relationships that I've had with the wonderful staff, students and parents of McKinley.  I'm hoping that my web page will keep us connected no matter the distance and situations toss us.


I've also had to abandon iWeb and find a new host for my travel blog, rants, and revelations onboard Somewhere.  Apple failed me when they discontinued Mobile Me, but I'm adjusting and moving forward.  Never stop learning, is my motto.  Feedback is always good, so if you think I'm making a mess of this, let me know.  


So, this winter we adopted another cat.  This is no ordinary cat and due to her uniquely Siamese personality, we have no choice but to take her on our travels.  Her adopted sister, Annabelle the elder, is also coming along for the ride.  I will accept the "Crazy Cat Lady" moniker, because I have taken every measure possible to make certain that the felines are happy sailors.  There will be more to report on the cat travels onboard as the summer progresses.  Suffice it to say, all the hoops I've jumped through to make happy boat cats are working.


This week we will be celebrating Brandon's homecoming from Afghanistan to Germany and making final boat, home, people and cat prep as we prepare to throw off the lines and head east.  We're ready to set sail this weekend, but Monday is our goal.  We're watching the wind and the weather and stocking the boat and getting excited to start again for new adventures.





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  • #1

    Carolyn (Thursday, 14 June 2012 11:42)

    Woot...Woot!! So glad to see you have gotten this first important webpage step completed. I always enjoy a peek into the sailing life this page will provide. Plus more important, the ongoing connection it will give me to you! Thanks... C-Dog! :D

  • #2

    Judy (Saturday, 16 June 2012 01:51)

    Have a great time on your summer travels of 2012. Can't wait to read about your adventures again.

  • #3

    Jane (Sunday, 17 June 2012 15:59)

    I like your website! We will be following your journey and your updates on a regular basis. Happy sailing!

  • #4

    Linda (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 07:38)

    Love the new website and so happy you were able to start on this years adventure. Hope the kittycats are doing ok

  • #5

    Gladys (Friday, 22 June 2012 11:54)

    Hi so good to be able to follow your adventure. will make our summer more enjoyable